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"People think pop is filthy and shameful. I love pop music! I don’t think it’s right to shit on a genre just because some stuff about it isn’t perfect. Pop is really powerful, and if I’m a popstar then I’ll be that to the best of my ability."
- Lorde (x)

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"It was quite a funny situation though ‘cause (her place) it’s like surrounded by Grammys - she’s got like seven or eight and like Billboard awards and Songwriting Guild and stuff like that and i’m like ‘this chord, huh?’ and she’s like just (points to the shelf)."
- Ed Sheeran on arguing with Taylor (x)

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"People feel removed from sexism. ‘I’m not a sexist, but I’m not a feminist.’ They think there’s this fuzzy middle ground. There’s no fuzzy middle ground. You either believe that women are people or you don’t. It’s that simple."
- Joss Whedon, in a gripping, insightful exploration of the word “feminist” (via goatpolice)

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July 18th, 2014
6:30 PM
still no 5th album news
Taylor has begun to see us unraveling mentally via Instagram…she heckles at us from her multi-million dollar house while listening to the first single on repeat…

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gotta love it when you feel like you made it out of a toxic relationship somewhat alive… and then you just get a lot of weird drunken text messages at 3am